We understand that there may be no better medium than video to deliver your message and engage your customers.

Digital Video Production


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine what your moving pictures are worth. Online video content is often a neglected piece of the puzzle when it comes to many online marketing and sales strategies. Here at YP Digital, we never neglect the power of video. We understand that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. We understand how to take your concept through each and every step of development. We understand the technology needed to produce professional video content. Simply put: We understand online video content production and video content marketing. More importantly: We understand how to deliver a high ROI and increase your customer conversions when you choose from one or more of our multiple Motion services.

Concept Development

Did a light bulb recently go off in your head? Bring that great idea to us. We can take your concept - no matter how simple or how complex - and develop it into powerful online video content. We will work with you each step of the way to ensure the idea that you had is the idea that is presented in your final product. From the video technology needed to produce your content to the online channels to market your product, we have a team of experts that will guide you every step of the way to ensure your video content is a success. We have a successful track record of helping customers like you with content development. But when it comes to that light bulb in your head, well, you'll have to handle that yourself.


Communication is a lost art. And when your business's success or failure depends on how effective you are communicating your message, you need to make sure you find a writer who understands how to paint a picture - with words of course. We never take scriptwriting lightly when it comes to online content. We understand that without a carefully-crafted script, your online content has no chance of successfully delivering your company's message or engaging your online customers. Short sales videos, how-to product videos, viral marketing videos or other types of online content: Our scriptwriters will a craft a story that communicates your message effectively. And if you ask nicely, they may even paint you a pretty picture.


Not all online content revolves around funny babies and cute pets shot with smartphones. But if you want funny babies and cute pets in your video content, we'll gladly shoot it - but we'll shoot it professionally. We believe strongly that our customers' online videos should always be of the highest quality no matter what the subject matter. Our producing and directing services reflect that belief by paying attention to every detail and ensuring that your final product meets our high professional standards. Our customers expect the best and our producing and directing services team makes sure they get it. Now, excuse us, we have to get back to watching this week's viral cat videos.

Post Production

When the shooting ends, the magic begins. Of course, if you really want to make magic, it’s going to take hard work, experience and skill. Our creative team of talented digital artists have the expertise and use the latest in cutting-edge digital technology to create the illusion that making magic is easy. In the end, we’ll deliver a world-class finished product that comes with our first-class customer-oriented service. YP Digital offers a full menu of post production services including: editing, colour grading, sound design, sound mixing and voice over talent. It doesn't take an illusion to create an amazing final product, it just takes a little post-production magic from YP Digital.

Animation & Visual Effects

Enhance your online video content with digital animation and visual effects. Boost your video message and capture your viewer's attention with our world-class animation and visual effects services. Our animators and visual effects artists have the technological, design and storytelling skills to deliver a final product that will knock you off your feet. We provide big-budget film quality work at affordable rates. Our customers know that when they hire our animation and visual effects team for their online video content project, they will receive a final product that delivers the "Wow" factor and delivers customer conversions. We not only enhance your content, we enhance your bottom line.

Green Screen Studio / Filming

Leap tall buildings, land on the moon, showcase your product deep underwater in the Pacific: It's all possible when you choose us to film your online video content. Don't worry about a budget and final bill as big as Mount Everest. Our "on location" videos are actually shot on our location. We offer a top-of-the-line green screen studio to enhance and create any illusion and any effect you require for your video project. We film your videos with the best equipment available and we always deliver a final product that impresses the people that matter most - your customers. You imagine it. We create it. That's the beauty of green screen technology and digital filming technology. And don't worry, the affordable, high-quality video content we create for you is no illusion.

Live Event Streaming

Revive your sales and marketing message with enhanced live event streaming. We help you develop, produce and deliver your live events to your customers. Today's technology offers you the opportunity to transmit your sales and marketing events worldwide. And when tapped into the power of social media and mobile applications, you can create a live event that allows your prospects and customers to be a part of the action and receive your message anywhere and anytime. We offer the experience as well as the logistical and technological know-how to overcome the operational challenges of putting on and broadcasting your live events. Our team breathes life into your online video content by delivering your message in live streaming events.