Our experienced development team loves to code and with that love comes the devotion of paying extra-attention to every detail.

Digital Development Services


When it comes to code, its what you can’t see that counts. We take extra care to follow best practices and to ensure we provide your business with a unique, customised platform that matches your business objectives and your vision. Our development team specialises in PHP and .Net. We also provide a wide-range of services including custom-built web applications, content management systems, database development, ecommerce solutions and Facebook applications. Our reputation for focusing on excellence and quality earned us a widely-recognized name in the realm of web development with our peers and customers. So as you can see, what is on the outside also counts.

Web Development

When you are really good at something, sometimes its hard not to brag about it. Our web development team specialises in both PHP & .Net, and we like to think we’re pretty good at both. In fact, if you you ask them about our services, our happy customers will gladly brag for us. Don’t know the difference between the two? We’ll gladly explain both the PHP server-side scripting language and .Net framework to you in detail. But more importantly, we’ll provide an individualised, cost-effective solution tailored to meet the demands of your customers and your business objectives. And when our web development team completes your project, it will be your business that your online visitors and customers are bragging about.

Custom-Built Web Applications

Developing outstanding, custom-built web applications is in our blood. We can help you develop a new product for your business or provide you with a web-based solution to overcome any challenge. Our affordable web applications are scalable, maintenance-free and integrate seamlessly with your existing legacy systems. To provide our customers with the best web applications we prefer the Yii framework. This high-performance PHP framework is fast, secure, flexible and professional. Needless to say, enjoying the success our web applications bring our clients is also in our blood.

Database Development

Every fingerprint is unique and every business’s database requirements are unique as well. We understand and appreciate unique. We specialise in designing and developing custom databases for our customers, and our team has years of experience in database application development solutions for all sizes and types of businesses. We work with you to analyze your business objectives and unique database requirements to ensure your database design will improve the performance of your business. Whether you are a B2C, B2B or an eCommerce website, we will put our technical prowess and creative minds to work to deliver a solution that is as unique as your business.

Content Management Systems

Content is king on the Internet. So wouldn’t it make sense that those who control the content are more powerful than a king? We’re not sure about the royal power hierarchy, but we are sure that our customised, content management systems will give your business the power and control to manage its own content. No matter how simple or complex your content management needs may be, we will find the perfect match and solution that can help you manage your content more simply and more efficiently. We use CMS solutions like Silverstripe, Wordpress, Kentico and Umbraco to put the power of content management back in your hands.

eCommerce Development

Your website is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so don’t make the mistake of only selling your goods and services during a specific set of hours. These days your customers expect - no, they demand - convenient, secure shopping solutions that fit their schedule. We help businesses like yours meet those demands. We design and develop customised, cost-effective eCommerce solutions for businesses from all walks of life. No matter if you sell high-end commercial goods to other businesses or if you provide digital goods to a specific niche of customers, we will give you an eCommerce platform that performs at a high-level. With our eCommerce development services, you’ll never have to hang that “Closed for Business” sign in your virtual window again.

Facebook Applications

Does your Facebook Fan Page need a shot in the arm? We have the expertise, tools and team to give you just what you need. We help our customers design and develop customised, engaging, viral Facebook applications that enhances your marketing message and bottom line. Whether you wish to use your application on your Fan Page, your website or you want to allow your application to be shared socially; we will work with you every step - from conceptualization to creation - to make sure the final product meets all of your requirements and objectives. Our affordable Facebook applications services deliver more than a shot in the arm. We like to think they deliver shock to your entire social system.